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Hi There! Welcome!

I’m Angela Garcia, founder and owner of Homemadefoodfromscratch.   I am so happy you found my little spot on the internet!

I was born and raised in Texas.  I still live here with my husband, who was born and raised in Mexico.

We have been married for 36 years and are the proud parents of 3 grown children.  I love to read.  I love to write.  And I love sharing things that I have learned. 

I love real food with simple ingredients that taste good and are easy to make.  Here I share food that can be easily made by both the average cook and the beginner cook.

I believe that cooking is a life skill that everyone should have. And I believe that anyone can learn to make simple, basic, recipes that are also delicious to eat. 

My recipes are the result of 36 years of experience cooking simple homemade meals for my family.

If this blog helps others discover just how easy cooking homemade meals from scratch really is, then I feel my mission is accomplished.  

Thank You for joining me as I share simple, easy, delicious, homemade, family-friendly, recipes from scratch.  😊

Fun Facts

  • I love all things simple.
  • I love real, simple, easy to make food. 
  • I love to read; I love to write, and I even love to scribble.  But I cannot draw.
  • I love languages. I speak English, Spanish and some Vietnamese.
  • I love to cut my lawn with my John Deere tractor.
  • I don’t like to wash dishes.

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